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This is not your average online event!

After years of webinars and virtual meetings, you want an experience that helps you feel more connected, grounded, and uplifted. We're here to serve!

The 13th annual Florida Herbal Conference weaves together inspiring keynote sessions, enriching educational workshops, uplifting musical performances, PLUS connection to community in a fun and fulfilling weekend.

Enjoy live sessions, connect with other plant lovers, get inspired, and fill your teacup with learning, laughter, and love of healing plants!

This event is for you if...

  • You're an herbal student seeking more experience and knowledge
  • You're a practicing herbalist exploring continued education
  • You love plants and want to connect with other plant lovers
  • You're totally new to the world of herbalism and are looking for a way to dive in
  • You're ready to make connections with others in a warm, inviting atmosphere with lots of support and encouragement

🎟️ Ticket Options


Full Weekend Pass to all activites


Early bird pricing:
$99 through February 21

  • Two Livestream Keynotes
  • One Livestream Concert
  • Five Livestream Video Workshops
  • Livestream 3-hour intensive workshop
  • Live Breakout Session


Full Weekend Pass PLUS Yearlong Access


Early bird pricing:
$249 through February 21

  • All livestream video experiences included in the Weekend Pass


  • Yearlong access to 2024 Video and Audio Recordings
  • Yearlong access to our Florida Herbal Conference library, featuring over 370 hours of educational recordings from all 13 years of the Florida Herbal Conference, with workshops and keynotes from special guests including Paul Stamets, Kat Maier, David Winston, Rosemary Gladstar, Susan Anderson, Linda and Luke Black Elk, Guido Mase, Deb Soule, Sobande Greer, Doug Elliott, Lucretia VanDyke, and more!

Don't miss the Early Bird discount!

Grab your tea cup and your furry friend, carve out a cozy spot in your home, and get ready to enjoy three days of inspiration, education and connection

Grab your pup and your teacup

🗓️ Virtual Conference Schedule

Get ready for an empowering and uplifting weekend!

Grab a notebook and pen, brew a kettle of tea, slip into your coziest outfit and let the learning and laughter begin.

Fri March 1

  • Friday 3 pm - Opening Circle

    Join us for the Opening Circle to set intentions and celebrate

  • Friday 4:30 pm - Workshop - Building Resilience in a Changing Environment

    Join Christina Lynch, executive director of the American Herbalists Guild, for an inspiring and empowering workshop. In today's rapidly evolving world, adaptability and resilience have become essential skills for thriving personally and professionally. The "Building Resilience in a Changing Environment" workshop is designed to equip participants with the tools and strategies necessary to navigate uncertainty, embrace change, and cultivate resilience in the face of dynamic environments.

  • Friday 7:30 pm - Keynote and Concert

    Enjoy a keynote presentation from 7Song An Herbalist's Story, or, How I Got to Keynote at the Florida Herbal Conference,  and then enjoy a enlivening concert with musical guests Høly River

Sat March 2

  • Saturday 9 am - Workshop - Herbs to Support and Balance the Nervous System

    We all know life can get a little stressed. Sometimes really stressed. In addition to our regular coping strategies like yoga, exercise, meditation and mindfulness, plants can help support our nervous system through challenging times. There are plants, nervines and adaptogens, that help to restore, balance, and strengthen our nervous system and overall balance. In Julie Ward's workshop, we will discuss the varying types of nervines and adaptogens designed to soothe, support and strengthen our nervous system in everyday life. We’ll also discuss the spiritual aspect of some of these herbs that work hand in hand with supporting the nervous system.

  • Saturday 11 am - Workshop - Functional Mushrooms as Wellness Tools

    Join Dr. Lola Ohonba, Pharm D, for an overview of functional mushrooms as wellness tools, including specific fungi like Lion’s Mane and Reishi.

  • Saturday 2 pm - Community Networking

    Take an hour to connect with herbalists from all over the Earth participating in the Virtual Experience. Share what work and hobby your plant practice is taking this year, exchange resources, and get to know other herbalists!

  • Saturday 3 pm - Intensive: Principal Plants for Herbal First Aid

    Join 7Song for a three hour intensive workshop. Herbal medicine can benefit an array of common first aid situations, such as cuts, burns, infections, diarrhea, sprains, allergies, and pain. This class will cover treatment protocols and specific plants for these conditions. The goal is to give participants a practical approach to preparing their own personalized home first aid kit.

  • Saturday 7:30 pm - Keynote

    Join Mimi Prunella Hernandez as she shares our evening keynote presentation - Mimi's Musings: Lessons Learned along the Journey of an Herbalist

Sun March 3

  • Sunday 9 am - Workshop - Herbal Medicine for Anxiety and Brain Fog

    This class with 7Song will look at two prevalent mental health issues: anxiety and brain fog. Anxiety often encompasses intrusive thoughts and the inability to relax. Brain fog includes difficulty in concentration, poor memory, and inability to be present. Both have many possible causes, including illness, trauma, and concern about one's self, family, and the world we live in.

    Herbal preparations and herbs can be taken for acute needs as well as taken as nervine tonics to help the nervous system adapt over time.


  • Sunday 11 am - Workshop - Bioregional Plants Important in Traditional Medicine

    Join herbalist Susan Anderson to open up areas of consideration beyond the pharmacological properties of native plants. We will examine how the spiritual and cultural relationships over many generations play important roles in plant medicine of traditional people of this region. It will allow a glimpse of what kinship with the animals and the growing world can mean to humans and for their place in, as well as their responsibilities to, the rest of the natural world.

  • Sunday 2 pm - Closing Circle

    Celebrate our experience and set intentions for weaving plant wisdom into our daily path

Florida Herbal Conference

✨ We can't wait to see you there!