Christina Lynch

Guest Teacher

Christina Lynch is a community herbalist from the Florida School of Holistic Living with expertise in both the teaching and cultivation of herbal plants. She is a first generation American of Barbadian descent who desires to share her knowledge of and passion for herbaceous plants with her community. 

Christina delights in reconnecting with the earth. She partakes in spiritual practices and physical interaction with it to carry on traditions her ancestors practiced. Christina created Black Herbalists Alliance and Gingerly Expressions, an organization focused on intentional creation of herbal products and services, to assist others in starting or continuing their own journeys in becoming one with themselves; and to finance fiscal sponsorship and opportunities to support BIPOC healers. 

Christina offers herbal consultations, herbal classes, and herbal tea blends. She studied under Emily Ruff and Maggie O’Halloran and is an avid tea lover, recovering foodie, and cultural explorer. She is currently on the board of Red Hills Small Farm Alliance, Florida School of Holistic Living and serving as Interim Executive Director for the American Herbalists Guild.

Learn from Christina at the Florida Herbal Conference:

  • Building Resilience in a Changing Environment - In today's rapidly evolving world, adaptability and resilience have become essential skills for thriving personally and professionally. The "Building Resilience in a Changing Environment" workshop is designed to equip participants with the tools and strategies necessary to navigate uncertainty, embrace change, and cultivate resilience in the face of dynamic environments.
  • (AFFINITY) Empathy Without Exhaustion: Personal Boundaries and Root Cause Analysis - This conversation is designed to empower individuals with the skills to navigate challenging situations without compromising their emotional health. Attendees will gain insights into identifying the underlying causes of difficulties they encounter. By understanding the roots of issues, individuals can proactively address and resolve them, promoting long-term well-being. We will then discuss the art of setting, maintaining and honoring healthy boundaries in various aspects of our lives. Through interactive discussions and practical exercises, attendees will explore strategies for asserting boundaries without guilt and fostering positive relationships.
  • Christina will also be facilitating the Student Medicine Show, located next to the Info Booth.

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