There are five workshop sessions during the weekend, and five classes take place during each session, plus additional classes during our Rise and Shine hour (7-8 am) and Saturday's Free Thyme session. See the Schedule for details on times and locations for each class listed below.

There is no need to pre-register for workshops. Pick and choose to your liking. Most workshops and activities are 90 minutes, except for those during Rise and Shine or Free Thyme. Intensives are three hours, and require pre-registration for an additional $40 fee. Pine Needle Basket Making requires pre-registration for an additional $5 fee.

Class Title




Beat the Sugar Blues – Botanicals for Glycemic Support Ellen Kamhi Class Maintaining balanced blood sugar is an indicators of Health and Long Life. Glucose regulation is paramount to support a diverse array of metabolic pathways that sustain health. This includes a balanced inflammatory response, healthy weight maintenance, healthy digestion, clear thinking and circulatory and heart health. Learn how to beat the sugar blues with Ellen Kamhi. Lets explore glucose balance through monitoring factors such as A1C, modifying sugar cravings and integrating supportive botanicals. We will take a deep dive into herbs that can help, including bitter melon, fenugreek, cinnamon, ginger, turmeric and more.
Bioregional Plants Important in Traditional Medicine Susan Anderson Class This presentation will open up areas of consideration beyond the pharmacological properties of native plants. We will examine how the spiritual and cultural relationships over many generations play important roles in plant medicine of traditional people of this region. It will allow a glimpse of what kinship with the animals and the growing world can mean to humans and for their place in, as well as their responsibilities to, the rest of the natural world.
Bitter! What is it Good For? Sallie Dixon Class Bitter is one of the most valuable tastes. And possibly one of the most underappreciated. Many people know of the use of bitter spring greens for detoxifying or of the use of a bitter formula to aid digestion. We will cover those uses as well as explore the wider applications of herbs with a bitter taste, from dietary to antiviral and antibacterial to reducing inflammation both internally and for injuries. We'll cover specific herbs for each application.
Book Signing Multiple Teachers Activity Meet authors Mimi Prunella Hernandez, Patricia Kyritsi Howell and other teachers and get your books autographed
Bringing the ideas from nature to our home garden Stephen Kane Plant Walk Go for a hike to discover how plants interact with natural systems. We will focus on these natural systems and how they can be copied to create wild spaces in own home gardens.
Building Resilience in a Changing Environment Christina Lynch Class In today's rapidly evolving world, adaptability and resilience have become essential skills for thriving personally and professionally. The "Building Resilience in a Changing Environment" workshop is designed to equip participants with the tools and strategies necessary to navigate uncertainty, embrace change, and cultivate resilience in the face of dynamic environments.
Cacao in the Clinical Setting Sara Ratza Class There is no question that science is now backing up what the Maya have known for millennia: The magic of Theobroma cacao. In this workshop, we will discuss when cacao is appropriate in the clinical setting and the kind of medicine we can make for those whose heart needs a little love. Be prepared for samples and recipes.Clinical herbalist, Sara Ratza, has studied with the Maya people of Guatemala through an organization called “The Mayan Wisdom Project” and has been trained in the “Cacao Training Program”. Her mission is to educate about cacao and the Maya culture while sharing how we can honor this medicine in our own practice. This workshop will touch on the spiritual aspect of cacao, but will focus mainly on the medicinal for clinic use.
Colonization Mentality, Plants and Territories Johana Castillo Class What is colonization? What is colonization mentality? Why is it important to understand this concept? There can be many explanations to this, but addressing how this affects our relationship with plants, territories and our practices as herbalists, even as BIPOC herbalists, can give us a good perspective on how to respect traditional herbal medicine, the plants, and other herbalists around the world. This class will be taught by Johana Castillo aka Mama Tortuga for members of Affinity Space. (BIPOC Only)
Community Herbalist Meet up Christina Lynch Activity Graduates from the Florida School of Holistic Living’s Community Herbalist Program are invited to gather for a special breakfast reunion! Please RSVP to ensure your seat.
Cultivating Resilience Susan Anderson Class This workshop will take a look at what it takes to develop and maintain physical, mental, spiritual and social wellness through adverse experiences and times of extreme stress. It will be part presentation and part open forum to discuss the challenges and opportunities we are currently facing as individuals, families and as communities. We will look at the roles of plant alliances, the natural world and the social constructs we maintain that either build resilience or inhibit successful high functioning individuals and societies. We will look at what an essential resilience garden looks like, what essential skills and values may be and how we might implement the ideals of those shared values and principles. We will also look at what practices may be needed to facilitate resiliency in our natural world. Come take the journey with me into the realm of infinite possibilities while we revisit the benefits and beauty of ancient wisdom.
Empathy Without Exhaustion: Personal Boundaries and Root Cause Analysis Christina Lynch Class This conversation is designed to empower individuals with the skills to navigate challenging situations without compromising their emotional health. Attendees will gain insights into identifying the underlying causes of difficulties they encounter. By understanding the roots of issues, individuals can proactively address and resolve them, promoting long-term well-being. We will then discuss the art of setting, maintaining and honoring healthy boundaries in various aspects of our lives. Through interactive discussions and practical exercises, attendees will explore strategies for asserting boundaries without guilt and fostering positive relationships. (BIPOC Only)
Exploring an Herbal First Aid Kit Annie Sew Dev Class Join our First Aid Director Annie Sew Dev for an exploration and dissection of her first aid kit. Annie loves organization and has put together many first aid kits over the years. This class will dissect the first aid kit she currently uses. As we dive into her tools, we will discuss how and when she considers utilizing them.
From Symptom to Formula (Intensive) Patricia Kyritsi Howell Intensive This intensive introduces a step-by-step method for assessing symptoms presented during an intake, determining the herbal actions needed, and generating a list of herbs to consider in creating effective formulas. This method uses body systems and herbal actions to provide easy-to-follow guidelines for organizing and prioritizing acute and chronic symptoms. Learn to recognize patterns behind seemingly random symptoms, determine specific actions needed and organize everything into practical and elegant formulas. We will demonstrate the method using several case studies.While we will take a Western herbal approach to classify herbal actions and body systems, this method can easily be modified and applied to more energetic healing systems. This method for determining botanical protocols empowers herbalists to design effective formulas confidently. In this intensive, you will learn:• To organize symptoms gathered through an intake. • A deeper understanding of how herbal actions affect specific body systems. • To differentiate between chronic and acute symptom patterns to create effective botanical protocols. • Empower you to formulate with confidence. Includes extensive handouts. Register in advance, $40 fee.
Functional Mushrooms as Wellness Tools Lola Ohonba Pharm.D. Class Join Dr. O for an overview of functional mushrooms as wellness tools, including specific fungi like Lion’s Mane and Reishi.
Growing Herbs Organically in Florida Willow LaMonte Class Florida's unique growing conditions include more diverse habitats and zones than most states. Learn how to nurture healing communities in our gardens with temperate, subtropical, tropical, Mediterranean and native herbs, while respecting the limits of each region. We'll share Florida tips and emphasize organic growing for maximum safety, good stewardship, and potency of medicinals as well as optimal times for harvesting and drying.
Healing Sounds & Herbs for the Nervous System Madelyn Ilana Class In this experiential class, we will learn practices to soothe, ground, and restore our nervous systems. Drawing from qi gong, Body Dialogue practices, and polyvagal theory, we will learn tools to re-center ourselves and come into a state of relaxed presence.

We will touch on the anatomy of the nervous system, polyvagal theory, and an evolutionary perspective on the nervous system. We will go over a materia medica of nervines—herbs to support balance in the nervous system.

Suggestion: wear loose fitting comfortable clothing for movement practice and bring a yoga mat if you have one.

Herbal Medicine for Anxiety and Brain Fog 7Song Class This class will look at two prevalent mental health issues: anxiety and brain fog. Anxiety often encompasses intrusive thoughts and the inability to relax. Brain fog includes difficulty in concentration, poor memory, and inability to be present. Both have many possible causes, including illness, trauma, and concern about one's self, family, and the world we live in.

Herbal preparations and herbs can be taken for acute needs as well as taken as nervine tonics to help the nervous system adapt over time.

Herbs and Neurodiversity in Children Maggie O'Halloran Class In this class we will cover terminology associated with neurodiversity along with herbal and nutritional considerations.
Herbs to Support and Balance the Nervous System Julie Ward Class We all know life can get a little stressed. Sometimes really stressed. In addition to our regular coping strategies like yoga, exercise, meditation and mindfulness, plants can help support our nervous system through challenging times. There are plants, nervines and adaptogens, that help to restore, balance, and strengthen our nervous system and overall balance.

There are different classes of herbs including tonic nervines that can be taken daily; calming nervines for immediate support; sedative nervines to help with rest and sleep; and stimulating nervines to help restore and boost.

In this class we will discuss the varying types of nervines and adaptogens designed to soothe, support and strengthen our nervous system in everyday life. We’ll also discuss the spiritual aspect of some of these herbs that work hand in hand with supporting the nervous system. At the beginning of the class the participants will be given a nervine tea to drink and at the end, we’ll discuss the immediate effects everyone is experiencing. The class is both experiential and informative.

How to Know the Trees Milo Neelands Plant Walk In this plant walk we will cover some basics of plant anatomy and family relationships as it relates to trees and woody shrubs. We will meet some common plants and plant families, and share resources and strategies for improving plant identification skills. Participants are encouraged to bring a notebook.
Live, Love, and Limpia (Intensive) Mimi Prunella Hernandez Intensive Embark on a captivating exploration of some of the most enchanting and sacred plants in this immersive experience. Take in the beautiful aromatics of lemon balm, lemongrass, and lemon verbena, as their fragrances transport you to a realm of tranquility and serenity. Discover the protective qualities of rue, embracing its strength as it shields you with love and care. Allow the joyous exhilaration of the rose to uplift your spirit and ignite a sense of wonder within you. Delve into the sacred grief of Dragon's Blood and experience its profound connection to deep healing.

As the journey unfolds, witness the transformative power of the releasing smoke from Copal resin, carrying with it a sacred energy that cleanses and purifies. Immerse yourself in the sanctity of these plants and the ancient wisdom that surrounds them, drawing inspiration from the healing practices of Latin American folk healers. Open your senses and witness firsthand the sweeping sacred qualities that these plants hold, embracing their potent energies and profound significance. Register in advance, $40 fee.

Make your own Pine Needle Basket (Additional Fee) Laney Sullivan Activity Join Laney of Holy River for a hands on class to prepare your own pine needle basket!
Our relationship with Mushrooms (Dawoli) - a Cherokee perspective Vicki McGee Class This class gives a cultural and bioregional spin on your typical "mushroom talk". We will discuss how the Cherokee, and other southeastern tribe use the mushrooms "Dawoli" around them.
Mushrooms have been foraged by native peoples for thousands of years and their use as food, medicine and for ceremonial purposes are not well documented, or rather "are not documented well".
We also explore the biochemical constituents in these mushroom and correlate that with their use. This class will be heavy in culture as well as the biochemistry of mushrooms found and used locally.
Planting Sacred Relationships: Communication with the Green World Willow LaMonte Class Living herbs and sacred plants have long expressed our link to the divine and the natural world. From prayers on the smoke of tobacco to burning resins in churches and temples, to sacred trees-devas-bitters-cacti, we have gathered wisdom and guidance from our green/brown teachers. In circle, we'll share our connections to Mother Earth, and through guided meditation open to our innate intuitive communication with plants.
Plants, presence, and poetry of place Madelyn Ilana Activity Bring paper and a pen to this experiential practice of presence with the muse, the spirit of plants and nature. We will practice receptive sitting to allow the flow of inspiration to unfold. Listen deeply and see what the plants have to say.
Principal Plants in Herbal First Aid (Intensive) 7Song Intensive Herbal medicine can benefit an array of common first aid situations, such as cuts, burns, infections, diarrhea, sprains, allergies, and pain. This class will cover treatment protocols and specific plants for these conditions. The goal is to give participants a practical approach to preparing their own personalized home first aid kit. Register in advance, $40 fee.
Queer Ecologies of Florida Milo Neelands Plant Walk On this plant walk we will meet plant relatives who defy the binary and discuss how our bodies- as extensions of the Earth- resist labels and embrace change. Immersing ourselves in one of Florida's fire adapted plant communities, we will see what these relationships can teach us about collective liberation, and explore fire as a metaphor for political and spiritual transformation.

We will approach queerness as a way of being that is incompatible with gender projections that reinforce social power structures, and uncover the ways that these biases have warped our understandings ecological
relationships. We will imagine stories that repair these rifts in their retelling.

Reflections Gathering Shannon Alycia Activity Reflections Gathering is a time for BIPOC herbalists to come together in support of one another to share and discuss our experiences. We will Listen, Learn and help one another heal. (BIPOC Only)
Spanish Forum for Herbalists / Foro en Español para Herbalista Johana Castillo Activity This space will be a dedicated space to introduce ourselves, what we are working on and what we support, or tell a story all in Spanish! Every herbalist or aspiring herbalist that want to come, native Spanish speakers as well as Spanish learners can come to this forum. Will be moderated by Johana Castillo, Mama Tortuga. / Este espacio sera dedicado para personas que hablan el Español, hacer presentaciones, dejarnos saber en que estan trabajando y apoyando, o contarnos una historia, todo solo en Español! Abierto a hablantes de Español, como a aquellos que lo estan aprendiendo. Sera moderado por Johana Castillo, también conocida como Mama Tortuga.
Spanish Herbalism Class/ Cinco Plantas de Poder Johana Castillo Class This year, we are ready to have Spanish speakers and learners, delve deeper in their Spanish knowledge of herbalism, explaining five plants, their stories, properties and cultural relevancy in this continent, by doing it mainly in Spanish. I will support your knowledge and confidence in Spanish with materials and slide show. I am looking forward to awe at your knowledge of Spanish and teach you one thing or two about five amazing plants in Spanish! By the end of this class, we will go over the vocabulary and practice what we learned in this session. All Spanish levels welcome as long you can feel confident and open to learn!
Spanish Nature Walk Johana Castillo Plant Walk Every year, we enjoy walking around the beautiful land where the conference is hold and practice together, basic vocabulary and identification of plants, different species and more, all in Spanish! This nature walk is for all ages and levels!
The Benefits of Wild Food: An Introduction and Weed Walk Leann Hill Plant Walk Wild plants have been used as food since the dawn of time. It's only been a few hundred years that we've cultivated our food on a wide scale. This cultivation has helped provide food for many people, but it has also limited our access to healthy nutrients. Join us for a walk around the site as we focus on wild, native plants and how beneficial they are as food sources
Unity Roundtable Shannon Alycia Activity Affinity Room facilitators will also host a Unity Roundtable at the Unity Fire that is open to all conference participants. The Unity Roundtable will serve as a sacred space to both Listen to the experiences and feelings of others and to be Heard – helping us to understand how culture affects our worldviews and how failing to recognize cultural connections to the Earth and Plants have led to miscommunication amongst those of us walking the path of Natures Medicine. This is a great opportunity to learn and truly see each other forming bonds and gaining the understanding to build healthy lasting relationships, authentic Allyship and making moves towards social justice and equity. You are invited and welcomed to take part in a unique opportunity to learn about the experiences of BIPOC herbalists within our local communities and within mainstream natural medicine. Like the Unity Fire, the roundtable serves a sacred space to bring curiosity, ask questions, and share honest dialogue in the intention of personal and cultural healing, unity and authentic allyship, justice and liberation.
Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants of Florida Stephen Kane Plant Walk Go for a hike to hear the stories behind the wild edible and medicinal plants of central Florida from Native to invasive.
Yoga Shannon Alycia Activity Join Shannon at the Lakeside for RIse and Shine Yoga! Start your day relaxed and energized before breakfast on Saturday and Sunday.
Young Adult Roundtable: Balancing Communication without Neglecting Emotions Jaden Lockhart Activity BIPOC young adults (30 and under) are invited to join Jaden Lockhart for a facilitated discussion on the challenges our generation faces, and how to support our health holistically while standing in our truth. (BIPOC Only)
Your Purpose and Desires: How to Get Your Hormones to Work for You Melissa Phang Class We've all been there- We wake up, excited, looking forward to this big day -- only to be sabotaged by PMS, or cramps, or even bleeding. It’s common to be sidetracked by the “lows” of our cycle. But what about the “highs?" What are we missing out on when we don’t pay attention to the “highs?" In this workshop, you'll be guided to look at your goals, desires, and needs, and learn how to flow with your hormonal waves to achieve more ease, pleasure, and peace. We'll go over at least 6 hormones and neurotransmitters that affect our moods, cognitive ability, physical ability, and level of inner peace. We'll look at how the orchestra of hormones can change the texture of our lives throughout the hormonal cycle. Then, together we will spotlight and map out your own personal hormonal cycle (everyone is different). We'll use this map to help you navigate your cycle and achieve your goals and desires. We will also touch on in some tools you can use to help you - herbs, foods, lifestyle factors, and advanced menstrual cycle tracking.