Julie Ward

Guest Teacher

Julie’s passion for plants enlivens her presentations. Combining her culinary wizardry with 25+ years of education, research, and personal experience, with herbs, and healthy foods. Julie demonstrates how food and herbs can be simple, fun, delectable, soulful, and above all, healing. Julie holds a certificate in Plant–Based Nutrition from eCornell, is a certified ACE Health Coach, has a Master's in Public Policy from USC, and a B.S. in Mathematics from Spelman College.

Learn from Julie at the Florida Herbal Conference:

  • Herbs to Support and Balance the Nervous System: We all know life can get a little stressed. Sometimes really stressed. In addition to our regular coping strategies like yoga, exercise, meditation and mindfulness, plants can help support our nervous system through challenging times. There are plants, nervines and adaptogens, that help to restore, balance, and strengthen our nervous system and overall balance. There are different classes of herbs including tonic nervines that can be taken daily; calming nervines for immediate support; sedative nervines to help with rest and sleep; and stimulating nervines to help restore and boost. In this class we will discuss the varying types of nervines and adaptogens designed to soothe, support and strengthen our nervous system in everyday life. We’ll also discuss the spiritual aspect of some of these herbs that work hand in hand with supporting the nervous system. At the beginning of the class the participants will be given a nervine tea to drink and at the end, we’ll discuss the immediate effects everyone is experiencing. The class is both experiential and informative.

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