tara rawson

Tara Rawson

Guest Teacher

Tara Rawson owns Omstead Organics, a bioregional ayurvedic apothecary nestled in the heart of North Florida that features organic ingredients grown at our 42 acre farm + retreat center located on the Suwannee River. We're beyond grateful to serve our wider community with organically homegrown + ethically wildcrafted herbals through artisan, small batch internal medicine, plant spirit distillates & clean herbal skin care.

Learn from Tara at the Florida Herbal Conference:

  • Plant Walk - Get to know your herbal allies in your own back yard with a hands on plant walk that will engage all of your senses and enliven your spirit.
  • Appreciating Plant Spirits: Distillation for Ethical Aromatherapy - Join us in the art and delight of plant distillation! Learn about the alembic copper still and the beauty and grace that comes from working with plant spirits through this particular alchemy. Experience how there's potency through subtlety.

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