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Sara Ratza

Guest Teacher

Sara Ratza is a Clinical Herbalist, Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, and author. She has been named a “culinary herbalist” and her passion is to help people “eat their medicine”. Sara has been studying food and herbs as medicine for over a decade with the integration of Chinese and Western traditions. Her favorite study is of her unique and beloved Florida natives that grow in her backyard.Sara’s journey with cacao began in 2015 where she says that “cacao chose her”. She has studied both intensively the medicinal and spiritual properties and has created her medicinal product line in her award-winning bean-to-bar company “Ratza Chocolate”. She works with cacao as her main medicine, but loves to work with all plants in all the ways.

Learn from Sara at the Florida Herbal Conference:

  • Cacao in the Clinical Setting -There is no question that science is now backing up what the Maya have known for millennia: The magic of Theobroma cacao. In this workshop, we will discuss when cacao is appropriate in the clinical setting and the kind of medicine we can make for those whose heart needs a little love. Be prepared for samples and recipes.

    Clinical herbalist, Sara Ratza, has studied with the Maya people of Guatemala through an organization called “The Mayan Wisdom Project” and has been trained in the “Cacao Training Program”. Her mission is to educate about cacao and the Maya culture while sharing how we can honor this medicine in our own practice. This workshop will touch on the spiritual aspect of cacao, but will focus mainly on the medicinal for clinic use.

  • Sara will also be sharing about Cacao in our Sprouts Youth Program

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