Milo Beach Creature

Milo Beach Creature

Guest Teacher

Milo is a trans ecologist, artist, educator, and fire practitioner. Their way of knowing is a symbiosis of science and spirituality. They live between two swamps with their dog, Lily.

Learn from Milo at the Florida Herbal Conference:

  • How to Know the Trees - In this plant walk we will cover some basics of plant anatomy and family relationships as it relates to trees and woody shrubs. We will meet some common plants and plant families, and share resources and strategies for improving plant identification skills. Participants are encouraged to bring a notebook.


  • Queer Ecologies of Florida -On this plant walk we will meet plant relatives who defy the binary and discuss how our bodies- as extensions of the Earth- resist labels and embrace change. Immersing ourselves in one of Florida's fire adapted plant communities, we will see what these relationships can teach us about collective liberation, and explore fire as a metaphor for political and spiritual transformation.We will approach queerness as a way of being that is incompatible with gender projections that reinforce social power structures, and uncover the ways that these biases have warped our understandings ecological relationships. We will imagine stories that repair these rifts in their retelling.

Follow Milo at:

  • @lets.go.botanize.together.fl