Melissa Phang, LM

Melissa Phang, LM

Guest Teacher

Melissa Phang is a licensed midwife, nature lover, curious adventure, artist and mother.

She writes:
"Join me in an exploration of all things sexual, reproductive, and transformational. We’ll explore topics like menstrual cycle awareness, navigating unexpected health issues, birth, culture, play, and celebration of our Selves.

My job is not to do something “to” you, but to help you explore your own inner landscape. By offering guidance, exploration, and deep listening, I help you piece together the unknown and find your own path to nurturing.

As a little girl growing up on a wild jungle island off the coast of Jamaica, I learned to see our inner nature like I see the wild — primal and untamed, yet balanced, lush, and vital. Each of us has a unique pulse and energy that must be honored. A good landscaper, like a gentle midwife, can open paths to the most dazzling rivers, sweetest fruit, sturdiest trees, and purest spaces."

Learn from Melissa at the Florida Herbal Conference:

  • Your Purpose and Desires: How to Get Your Hormones to Work for You  - We've all been there- We wake up, excited, looking forward to this big day -- only to be sabotaged by PMS, or cramps, or even bleeding. It’s common to be sidetracked by the “lows” of our cycle. But what about the “highs?" What are we missing out on when we don’t pay attention to the “highs?" In this workshop, you'll be guided to look at your goals, desires, and needs, and learn how to flow with your hormonal waves to achieve more ease, pleasure, and peace. We'll go over at least 6 hormones and neurotransmitters that affect our moods, cognitive ability, physical ability, and level of inner peace. We'll look at how the orchestra of hormones can change the texture of our lives throughout the hormonal cycle. Then, together we will spotlight and map out your own personal hormonal cycle (everyone is different). We'll use this map to help you navigate your cycle and achieve your goals and desires. We will also touch on in some tools you can use to help you - herbs, foods, lifestyle factors, and advanced menstrual cycle tracking.

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