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Madelyn Ilana

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Currently living in Asheville, North Carolina, Madelyn ilana is a singer/songwriter, teacher, herbalist, and somatic healing practitioner.She began her herbal studies with Emily Ruff in 2012 when she was an intern at the Florida School of Holistic Living. In Orlando, she curated community weekly women's wellness programs, and met Janice Stieber-Rous founder of Body Dialogue, who she has trained with in somatic healing ever since.Madelyn continued her herbal studies in North Carolina with the Pickard’s Mountain Eco-Institute, teaching a Young Herbalist’s Homeschooling Program, and formulating herbal products for the Honeysuckle teahouse. She continues to craft her own line of nourishing herbal syrups and tinctures.

Madelyn received her clinical herbal certification with Karyn Sanders and Sarah Holmes at the Blue Otter School of Energetic Herbal Medicine in Siskiyou, California. Her time at Blue Otter was deeply transformative, during which she wrote an album of music inspired by her connection to the plants and the wisdom they offer. This album is called Awake Dreaming and can be found anywhere you stream music.

Currently Madelyn lives in Asheville, North Carolina where she practices herbalism and somatic energy healing with Point Center, a holistic health clinic. She trains closely with the founder of Point Center, Alison Colberg, a Chinese Medicine doctor and Daoist martial artist.Madelyn teaches music and performs regularly in Asheville and around the Southeast region. Her latest album, Coming Into the Light is a tender anthology of heartbreak and heart-healing, shadow-boxing, and internal refinement.

Madelyn is very grateful to be back at the Florida Herbal Conference!

Learn from Madelyn at the Florida Herbal Conference:

  • Healing Sounds & Herbs for the Nervous System - In this experiential class, we will learn practices to soothe, ground, and restore our nervous systems. Drawing from qi gong, Body Dialogue practices, and polyvagal theory, we will learn tools to re-center ourselves and come into a state of relaxed presence.We will touch on the anatomy of the nervous system, polyvagal theory, and an evolutionary perspective on the nervous system. We will go over a materia medica of nervines—herbs to support balance in the nervous system. Wear loose fitting comfortable clothing for movement practice and bring a yoga mat if you have one.
  • Plants, presence, and poetry of place - Bring paper and a pen to this experiential practice of presence with the muse, the spirit of plants and nature. We will practice receptive sitting to allow the flow of inspiration to unfold. Listen deeply and see what the plants have to say.

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