Jaden Lockhart

Guest Teacher

Jaden, a 21-year-old budding herbalist, was immersed in the holistic community from a young age, guided by his mother who is an experienced herbalist. Raised attending herbal conferences, he has been using plants as medicine throughout his life. Despite his strong roots in herbalism, Jaden is currently pursuing a college education with aspirations of a dual career in film. Grateful for the opportunity, he finds humility in teaching at the very conference that shaped his herbal journey.

Learn from Jaden at the Florida Herbal Conference:

  • Finding Balance in Self Expression and Communication - Jaden leads an engaging roundtable for BIPOC young adults, exploring the intricate intersections of culture and communication in their life journeys. Delving into topics such as the impact of culture on discussions about sexuality, navigating emotional balance, establishing boundaries, and fostering healthy relationships in both personal and professional spheres, the class provides a safe and supportive space for participants to share experiences and insights. Jaden’s guidance aims to empower attendees in fostering understanding and effective communication amidst diverse cultural backgrounds.