Our classes are scheduled according to common themes.  You may take classes in any track you wish during any workshop section -- you do not have to take all the classes in one track, but are welcome and encouraged to attend many different topics throughout the weekend.  They are organized in these themes to give a sense of cohesion to our schedule.  Focus on one theme, or bounce around between different topics!

There is no pre-registration for workshops - simply show up to the workshops that call to you during the weekend of the conference.  Intensives with Susun Weed and David Winston are an additional $40 tuition.


Kitchen & Garden

Hands-on workshops to inspire and get your fingers in the medicine through food, gardening, and creating your own preparations.

Growing Herbs in our Florida Climate
- Florida has a unique climate, to include wet and damp summers, high humidity, and a long growing season.  This class addresses all the unique characteristics and gives you the information you need to have a successful Florida herb garden.  This class covers soils, watering, fertilizers, pruning, seeding, drying and more.  This is a comprehensive class that will give you the information needed to get started on a productive herb garden or help you improve your existing one.  with James Steele 

Herbal Formulations 
- Learn the basics of creating herbal formulas from both a Western and a TCM approach. with Deserie Valloreo

The Kitchen Herbalist

- Learn how to use the items within your kitchen to make medicines. Learn the basic concepts of creating a kitchen for life.  with Chonteau McElvin

50 Wild Culinary Herbs of Florida
- Enjoy a class with a slideshow about using wild foods growing in Florida.  with Andy Firk

Household Herbs & Spice Rack Remedies
- Our delicious worldwide culinary herbs and spices provide us with an amazing natural medicine chest. Come partake upon a spice trade journey of their medicinal healing. with Joanna Helms

- What is a Probiotic?  What herbs restore good bacteria in the gut?  Explore these questions, plus enjoy a demonstration and tasting of the probiotic-rich food, Kimchee. with Rose Kalajian


Meet the Plants

Five unique workshop sessions provide multiple experiences to learn from some of Florida's finest herbalists with an emphasis on learning and meeting Florida's native healing flora.

We encourage you to bring a hand magnifying lens or binoculars that can be inverted, to get a better "close up" of the plants you'll be meeting!

Introduction to Florida Ethnobotany
- Enjoy a plant walk to learn the basics of Florida ethnobotany.  Learn a little botany, and meet some common Florida allies. with Mycol Stevens

Naming and Knowing Florida's Medicinal Plants
- Susan would like to share with you her special passion for Florida's medicinal weeds!  This will be a big-picture overview of Florida's medicinal plants.  We will look at a whole bucketload of weeds and learn some of the important physical and medicinal characteristics of the plants and the plant families.  These common plants - both native and non-native - are under our feet, over our heads, and by our sides.  Be ready to take notes and pictures in this fast paced class!  with Susan Marynowski

Florida's Edible Wild Plants
- Live plants and a powerpoint will explore common weeds that can be served for dinner.  with Peggy Lantz

Herbal Antibiotics of Florida
- What Florida Plants have Antibiotic Medicinal Properties? Just to name a few: Usnea, Myrica cerifera, Grapefruit Seed, Aloe Vera, Sage…. What are the chemical constituents of the plants which classifies these plants as Antibiotic? Can these plants be used in place of pharmaceutical antibiotic? How would you prepare an herbal antibiotic for internal and external uses? Plus, a demonstration, creating of an antibiotic tincture using Florida Native Plants.  Intermediate Level with Rose Kalajian

Eat the Weeds: Edible Plant Walk
- A lively and informative hike around the campground trails to discover edible and medicinal weeds underfoot.   with Green Deane

Florida's Medicinal Plants
- Through plant images and samples, meet many of the medicinal plants of Florida, which may grow native or be easily cultivated in our region.  with Andy Firk


Clinical Practice
In depth study of working with herbs and others to deepen your practice

Bone Health and the Prevention of Osteoporosis
- Many nutrients play a vital role in bone health, along with calcium. We will review herbs, supplements, and beneficial foods that provide our body's fundamental needs. Intermediate level with Joanna Helms

Kitchen Medicine for Preventing and Controlling Cancer
Current research-based lifestyle and nutrition information and plant wisdom to protect yourself from cancer damage.  Dr. Babiak will be presenting current recent information on the preventable causes of cancers, how to strenghthen resistence and resilience to survive cancer and recover from conventional treatment damages with herbs, spices and especially adaptogens in my experience. Smoothies and foods containing these healing plants will be demonstrated, with samples served.  with Dr Cristina Babiak

Sleep: It's Not That Simple
- What's really going on when you hear "I have problems with sleeping"?  On beyond valerian and passionflower, we will investigate the roots of sleep issues and problems and the herbal protocols to help steer back toward a balance. We will travel from thyroid and hormonal to environmetnal and issues of chronic pain, nutritional imbalances, and a host of other challenges. Intermediate level with Leslie Williams

Herbal Protocol for Mosquito Borne Diseases
- Florida is experiencing increasing mosquito populations and decreasing frosts.  Current projections show increasing risks of tropical mosquito borne disease in Florida. We will discuss effective herbal protocols for malaria and dengue fever.  with Bob Linde

The Energetics and Herbals of Fertility
- This class will explore many facets of enhancing fertility with the use of herbs and other energetics.  We will look at the mind-body connection: constitutional energies, emotional imbalances, and how to nurture balance with herbs and flower essences. with Linda Nash Stevenson

Herbs for Heart Health
- In this class, we will explore some of the latest advances in herbalism and cardiovascular diesease, as well as heart function, anatomy & physiology, and major cardiac disease patterns.  Intermediate level with Dawn Gates


Herbal Traditions

Classes to bring us back to our roots and learn the time-honored wisdom of our herbal heritage

Burning of Mugwort: Moxibustion
- Chinese medicine has a long history of burning Mugwort over acupuncture points, injuries, and insect bites.  This class will teach some basic points with power effects and other basic treatments.  Please be advised: Moxa will be burned, please note smoke will be prevalent if you have respiratory weakness.  with Bob Linde, AP, RH (AHG)

A Magical Herb Cabinet
- In this class, Dawn will go through what should be included in a spiritual herb cabinet, as well as exploring candles, colors, seasons, and stones. with Dawn Gates

The Sacred Art of Smudging
- Smudging is the burning of herbs as a spiritual practice, used by ancient cultures around the globe, for a variety of purposes from cleansing to invoking. In this workshop, we will discuss individual herbs historically used in smudging, as well as the herbs growing around us and in our gardens that can be used for this sacred practice. We'll discuss different traditions of the art and discover how to reclaim these sacred traditions and create your personal healing rituals with smudge. with Emily Ruff

Tea Ceremonies
Learn about traditional tea ceremonies and how to create your own personal tea ceremony to foster harmony, discipline the mind, and instill mindfulness.  with Deserie Valloreo

Remembering our Elders
Honor our ethnobotanical elders, through photos and storytelling of their ethnobotanical stories from journeys in Appalachia, Andes, and Africa. How to begin grasping it all comes from self-inspiration and inspirational mentor friends such as Frank Cook, Marc Williams, Bob Hunsucker and many unnamed herbal healers on the path.  with Mycol Stevens

Reclaiming Traditional Herbs
- Reclaiming traditional folk uses of Mineral Rich wild plants like comfrey stinging nettles and plantain is vital to living folk herbalism We'll share ways to grow these in our Florida conditions and discover a myriad of healing ways to use them to help other plants, animals and people.  with Willow LaMonte




Get out of our heads and into our bodies to restore, relax, and energize

Planting Sacred Relationships
- Living herbs and sacred plants have long expressed our link to the divine and the natural world.  From prayers on the smoke of tobacco to burning resins in churches and temples, to sacred trees-devas-bitters-cacti, we have gathered wisdom and guidance from our green/brown teachers.  In circle, we'll share our connections to Mother Earth, and through guided meditation open to our innate intuitive communication with plants and the soil, and learn to hear their language.  with Willow LaMonte

Body Dialogue - A Practice in Present Moment Awareness, Breath and Balance
- This workshop will offer practical tools for a morning body practice that will set you up for experiencing balance throughout daywith Janice Rous

Depression: the Old Words and Herbs
- Nameless longing, wistfulness, melancholia, gloom, restlessness, deep sadness, heartsickness - Old herbals classified all sorts of emotional distress with words and concepts we seldom use nowadays.  But we are troubled in spirit and emotion.  This workshop discusses herbs in both the simples and formulas - and how we need to understand and use them as herablists.  Focus on Florida materia medica.  Intermediate level with Leslie Williams

A Green End to a Green Life: Herbs in Death and Dying
- This workshop will discuss several different facets of the end-of-life phase.  We will begin by talking about the dying process and a handful of medicinal plants and approaches that can be helpful during convalescence and palliative/Hospice care.  We will then discuss what happens to the body in death and how to best be supportive of a person in transition, as well as providing support to caretakers and loved ones. Finally, Susan will briefly share her knowledge of the processes and legalities for home funerals and natural burials in Florida.  with Susan Marynowski

Cvyayvke Enhvlvletv - To Hold Quiet
- One cannot make effective Medicine without the conset and participation of the plants," say the Elders.  Together we will explore, what language tells us, plant skills, and aspect of nurturing plant relationships through the lens of the Mvskoke world view in the Southeast. with Kate Taluga

Stand Tall and Confident
Ever notice how a plant, shrub or tree has a proper way of standing or flowing in the wind? Have you noticed the vibrancy of the plant, shrub or tree? Understand how our kinetic chain has an effect on our vibrancy as it connects our nervous, muscular and skeletal system. with Emily Wenzel

Medicine-Making Hands-on
Saturday Free Time Educational Activities

Healing Henna
- Explore the ancient art of plant-based skin decoration. with Pati Stever and Tina Santiago

Essential Oils
Explore the basics of essentail oils and aromatherapy. with Katie Haley

Herbal Kombucha Brewing
Learn the ins and outs of brewing kombucha, with an herbal twist! with Julia Onnie-Hay

Syrups and Elixirs
- This class explores several techniques of making syrups and elixirs.  You will learn recipes and benefits of several folk medicines.  with Chonteau McElvin

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