We are pleased to offer intensive classes with our guest keynote speakers David Winston and Susun Weed.  These intensives are offered at an additional fee to your general registration, and will provide intermediate education for a long class period.

These classes are an additional $40 fee each, purchased separately from your general conference registration.



David Winston Intensive

Saturday Morning, 9 am - 12 pm

The Ten Tastes - The Energetics of Herbs
In virtually every traditional system of medicine including Traditional Chinese Medicine, Kampo, Unani-tibb, Ayurveda, Tibetan medicine, etc, there are two important components that help separate it from a simple collection of folk remedies. The two foundations of traditional medical practice are a system of constitutional energetics (hot, cold, damp, dry, excess, deficient, etc) and a method of classifying herbs as to their energetic effect on the body.  In most systems the taste of  the herb is the most effective and easiest way to accomplish this.  For 40 years, David has studied the world's great systems of medicine and found ways to simplify these challenging and often difficult to grasp concepts into a concise, easy to learn and effective system that can be utilized by beginning herbalists as well as advanced clinical practitioners.  Thousands of students throughout the world have studied the 10 Tastes and found it enables them to more accurately assess patients' problems and more effectively apply appropriate herbs to help the body regain balance and health.  This system also helps to prevent exacerbation of illness due to incorrect prescribing and is especially effective when used along with systems of practice such as western herbal medicine/ European Phytotherapy which do not have an energetic basis.   

Susun Weed Intensive
Time Friday afternoon, 3-6 pm

The Great Remedies

Join me for a green adventure focusing on the greatest nourishing herbal infusions and the greatest herbal remedies. The Wise Woman Tradition advocates the use of dooryard weeds, the common plants right outside our doors. Instead of tracking down the latest new herb from China or Tibet, Africa or Brazil, let’s look at our feet and give thanks. We will attend Madame Yarrow’s School of Self Defense. We will hunker down with patient plantain. We will sing the praises lovely linden. We will get to the bottom of the comfrey mystery. We will dance with zesty nettle and sexy oatstraw. We will gasp at the power of St. J’s, learn how to make mullein milk, and honor the magnificence of motherwort. We will experience the magic of talking stick. And we will have a joyous, exuberant, delicious time together.

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